Here is a list of the most beautiful routes from the variety of trails and tour routes crossing forward Bavarian forest located near Roding:

Path of reflection in Cham

The path, characterized by blue and yellow rosette, begins just in front of the gate to Cham. Passing the Franciscan church the path crosses railway bridge up to the music school. Then the trail leads to crossroad at Calvary. Continuing to the park, up to hill Luitpoldhöhe where climbing is recompensed by fantastic view. Back to the town from Trenckhübel, passing stone quarry and water reservoir, you will see the most beautiful part of the path with splendid view of the city- the alley. Crossing so called "Lagally-Garten" you will reach the railway station. Then over the path Meranweg, lined with 100-years-old trees, right to the observation deck - here you can take a break, enjoy view and think again about the trip. The Florian Geyer bridge leads to the starting point.



Round trip Radling

The pavillion in Radling is the starting and finish point of this round trip. The car park here is free of charge.
Let's go according signpost via wide dirt road to the place named Loifling. You will pass the park "Churpfalzpark" and a beautiful water castle and get to the Cham's municipality Traitsching and its part Thal. Where the path turns right, you will cross a small stream and go through asphalt and rubble path.
From the hamlet situated in the ground with some older small houses, the road leads back into the forest.
At the next crossroads, the road trip turns left and continues to the district Siedling.
Then the road wriggles through a small town Trefling, directly to the edge of the forest. On the long-distance trail Pandursteig you will turn to the left and return to the starting point in Radling



Round trip Roding

By car you drive from Roding, at the first junction to the left to the castle Regenpeilstein and past the castle to the crossroad Schloßzell. Here it is possible to park.
Round trail includes road section No. 78 and 86. The trail leads through the narrow stairs and an old bridge. You can turn to the right to the narrow pathway leading to a small village Hinterhaunried.
Then the quiet and cosy trail continues further to the villages Haunried and Zimmering, where you will enjoy an amazing view.
The route before the village Zimmering turns left and leads to a forest road after approx.200 meters. Flat terrain ends at the junction Eilberg, and crossing the narrow wooden bridge, you will get to idyllic desire path leading uphill to the villgae Zimmering.
The circuit goes back to Haunried, turns before Hinterhaunried left and continues through gently sloping terrain to a right-outgoing forest road leading back to the first bridge.