Nearly 30 roads for travelling around Roding. Here two beautiful tours are briefly presented:


Around Roding

The tour begins at the fairground in Roding, from where the road heads east to the cycle path Regental and continues to the village Wetterfeld. Here you should visit ruins of the castle Schwärzenberg, which was almost completely destroyed during the thirty years' war. The road continues to the course Wulfing; here you are rewarded with a view over the protected natural area Regental. Leaving the bike path Regental at the crossroads of Chapel Sträucherröhren, you will continue to the edge of the forest along the fish ponds. The road leads through the district Obertraubenbach to the districts Schorndorf and Oberaign. The characteristics of the road has changed over time: Slopes are consistently varied with the short descents.
The tower of the church St.Michael can be seen from a long distance while being in the community Michelsneukirchen. Various inns invite you to take a break. The next slope leads to the highest point of the tour and continues through the forest down to the district Schrötting. The last part of the road runs through a pine forest to the district Grub. At the crossroads, behind the hamlet, you will turn right towards the north, where the road runs through the districts Eck and Oberlintach, rejoins the road to the district Unterlintach and leads back to Roding.



Around Traitsching

The district Traitsching, whose municipal administration is the starting point of the round trip, is situated approximately 15 minutes by car from Roding. It runs in the direction of the district Siedling, where you can see a small beautiful church between two village roads. Continue on a narrow street leading through meadow and field until before the district Eichberg and then turn right. Go up a hill, enter the forest and go to the clearing, where you can find a hamlet. An old farmhouse with stables offers you a place for a short break. The forest road ends in the quarter Sattelpeilnstein, but the road continues to the town's castle, which can be viewed only from the outside. Continue down the hill in the direction of the district Sitzenberg and up again to the resting place called "Löwengrub", suitable for taking a break. The round trip leads through the forest to the quarter Birnbrunn where you can admire the view on the mountains of the Bavarian Forest. Now the road runs in wide curves down to the quarter Tragenschwand and small town Reisach. The St.Nicholas Parish Church situated in the district Sattelbogen is worth a visit. Enjoy a ride to the district Dinzling, but then the road runs steeply uphill to the farm Giglberg. Arriving in the forest, the road comes to its end as soon as you will see a small chapel in front of the entrance to the district Traitsching.