Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the City Hotel


An event agreement basically comes off in written form. It is also valid if the booked rooms and/or event rooms were permitted or if the acceptance wasn't possible due to reasons of time and then is provided. These are the only terms and conditions, possible terms and conditions of customers aren't acceptable.

Price validity

The prices are determined by the overview of prices on the current day. If there are fix prices and there's more the 6 months between the conclusion of the contract and the  service provision the hotel is allowed to change the prices.


Reservations of rooms or seminar rooms are complusive for both parties. The hotel reserves one's right to give away the rooms after the time of the reservation is up. Quota demands of the rooms need to be told as you solicitate the quotations.

Appropriation of rooms

Reserved hotel roomes are available for our guests from their day of arrival from 3 pm to the day of departure, 11 am. If you didn't arrange any other time to check in (until 6 pm), the hotel is authorized to award the reserved and provided rooms to someone else. The hotel reserves one's right to allocate event rooms due to their participants. If the premitted rooms aren't available due to any reason the hotel is bound to organize a equivalent replacement inside or outside the hotel.


Please tell us the number of attending persons by two working days before the event starts. If there are less people attending then arranged the customer has to pay for the amount of people he ordered the room for. Deviation up to 5% is acknowledged. If there are more people attending then arranged you need to pay for the amount that are actually attending.

Process of the event

To provide a proper secquence of the event from our side, the host is asked to tell the hotel two days before the arrival, at the latest, what the programm is and the attendance.


Cancellation Policy for individual travelers, group travelers, weddings and events:

  • Until 6 weeks prior to the agreed date: no charge
  • Until 4 weeks prior to the agreed date: 30 % of the price for the provided effort
  • Until 2 weeks prior to the agreed date: 50 % of the price for the provided effort
  • Less than 2 weeks prior to the agreed date: 75 % of the price for the provided effort
  • In case of No Show: 100 % of the price for the provided effort

For the not used rooms, the hotel tries to let the rooms for someone else. Until the rooms are given away to a third party the contractual partner needs to pay the costs that are listed above.

Decisive for the cancellation is the day the message – in written form – gets to the hotel. Exceptions of the arrangements listed above can only be clarified with the management.

Contracted service

If the hotel provides technical gear or any other items, it acts in the name and on the bill of the customer. The hotel does not take responsibility for provided technical gear and other communicated external services, e.g. transfers, artists performances,...

Articles of value

The hotel does not assume liability for acrticles of value. If articels of value are beeing locked in the tresor the hotels liability limit of the insurance applies.


The host is responsible if the facilities or the hotels inventory on part of his staff gets damaged or lost. The host is also responsible if participants or assistents or even himself, without any fault proof, gets damaged, if the damage is not the hotels responisibility.

Decoration material

Fixing decoration material or other things is only permitted if the hotel agrees. Every brought material needs to accord fire polices norms. In case of doubt the host is bounded to contact the responsible agency. The hosts items should be fetched until 24 hours after the event finished.

The hotel does not take responsibility for lost or damaged items

Bringing food and drinks

Bringing food and drinks is forbidden. Exceptions need to be clarified in written form which also includes a appropriate cost system (dishes, corkage).

Duty of inform pacient

The customer is bounded to inform the hotel unasked if the character of the event - is either political, religious or from another point of view - gets pulic attention which is damaging the hotels call and security. Advertisements or any other publicity ploy and publications which refer to the hotel need to be clarified first. If the customer injures the duty to inform patient or he releases without hotels agreement the hotel is allowed to cancel the event if it impares the hotel in any way.

In case of superior force (fire, strike, natural disasters, etc.) or any other inacceptable reasons, the hotel can resign to the contract without granting the customer any claim (compensation).

Customer complaint

If there is any cause for the customer to claim one or more efforts of the hotel or it's staff it has to be reported immediately to provide the opportunity to put things right. Later claims are only possible it they are in written form and  within four weeks after departure and go directly to the hotel manager

Clerical error and miscalculation

The correction of mistakes as well as clerical and calculation errors in written or verbal offers, confirmations and brochures is reserved.

Efficacy of the terms and conditions

If one of these terms and conditions is ineffective it does not affect any of the others. Supplements and changes need to be in written form. These terms also apply for verbal contract collusions.  

Place of execution and place of jurisdication

Place of execution and jurisdication is Roding, for both parties. The german law applies.